Thursday, October 20, 2016

Nicole & Millar Married at Grandview Gardens

 The wedding season has officially started for Lisa Reid Photography once again and what better way to kick things off than this gorgeous wedding of Nicole and Millar. It was stunning! 
This wedding goes down as one of the most fun and most relaxed weddings I've ever photographed. Nicole was totally chilled out and had a huge smile all day. 
I loved how Millar's family from up north incorporated their Maori culture into the celebrations with waiatas, blessings and even a haka that gave me chills - super exciting. 
Khyber and Buster (if I remember correctly) were the canine ring bearers and they did a perfect job and took their responsibilities very seriously. If only our farm dogs were as dedicated....... 
Love, laughter, respect and a lifetime of adventures together seems to be the perfect recipe for a happy marriage - oh, yes, and the promise of always having baking in the cupboards.

 This rock is a stunner - and was presented to Nicole with the help of the dogs when Millar proposed. Told you they were good dogs.
 The girls got ready out at Silverpeaks Lodge and the flowers were created by the talented Jolene of Estelle Flowers. Great choice of vendors - makes my job so easy.

 Sara, Sarah and Jo did a great job with their bridesmaidly duties and made sure that Nicole's day was just perfect.


 Grandview Gardens put on another sunshiney day for us and the ceremony was on the back lawn with Saddle Hill in the background. I love this bike - such a cute idea.

 Millar and boys, Carlin, Kirwan and Logan taking it easy before the ceremony.

 Have you ever seen a happier bride - Nicole was totally enjoying her day.
 A proud parent moment right here - check out dad's smile.

 Nothing like a few bubbles to celebrate a special day.

 These guys are just so photogenic - they rocked the bridal party photos.

 Who said white men can't jump - we just proved that theory wrong.
 The calves thought they might like to get in on the act.

 Chilling out after a day full of responsibility.

An amazing day filled with amazing people who make my job the best job in the world. Thank you to everyone who helped make this wedding the stunning day that it was, especially Nicole and Millar and their hilarious but very photogenic bridal party. Thanks heaps. xox