Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Louise & Hayden Wedding @ Grandview Gardens.

Some couples are quietly in love, but some couples are absolutely, totally and completely in LOVE!!!
Hayden & Louise are like that - you can just tell that they are meant to be together. They have been together quite a while - in fact they met way back in their days at Polytech. Hayden has kept everyone waiting........and waiting.......for this moment. He was pretty sure that getting married should only happen once you've turned thirty......and sure enough, not long after he turned thirty, he popped THE question. 
The proposal involved a bit of a hike though - a very uphill kind of hike, you know the kind where you run out of breath and your feet hurt and you wished you NEVER agreed to this crazy idea. I get the impression that's how Louise was feeling on this particular stroll....in fact it took a bit of coaxing to get her to the top. But it was SO worth it - eh Louise? My advice is, that if you are ever dragged up a mountain, puffing and panting by your loved one, there may be a VERY good reason for it.

Wishing you guys a lifetime of happiness together. Enjoy your sneak peek.

More weddings to come soon so keep visiting - you might remember Kirsty and Bryce from their recent engagement shoot, I'll be blogging their wedding soon and she even wore cowboy boots....so cool!!
See you soon .

Lisa xox

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