Friday, November 22, 2013

Stephanie & Ricky - Married @ Grandview Garden.

You might remember Stephanie and Ricky from their engagement session earlier in the year....well they're back!! And what a magnificently yellow wedding they have for us to enjoy.
It was stunning!
I love, love, love yellow shoes - this may be obvious due to the amount of photos I took of them.
Cayden & Ariana were super excited that their Mum and Dad were getting married. I have a slight hunch though that Cayden was just a wee bit more excited about the racing car  - boys! 
They just don't appreciate yellow shoes like us girls.

Well, ladies and boys who like racing cars - here it is a wedding you will LOVE!!!

The racing car for the boys and and some bling for the girls.

 Rebecca Cameron has done it once again with these beautiful flowers. I just love her work!
 Pretty yellow shoes....

Yep......another shoe shot!

Stephanie's parents live near Fraser's Gully so we took a wee detour up the gully before the wedding.

 Another one for the boys and one for the farmers too.

And some ring bling for the girls.

A fabulously FUN wedding filled with love and happiness.
Steph and Ricky - you guys are the best. Thanks for sharing your day with me.

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