Sunday, December 8, 2013

Sal & Karl - married @ Grandview Gardens.

 I have known Sal since high school and Karl for quite a while too. So, as you can imagine, it was a real honour to be asked to photograph their wedding.
A marriage is the joining of two lives - but in this case it was the joining of six lives and what a party there was to celebrate. Everywhere you turned there were people laughing, smiling and having fun as they watched Sal and Karl pledge their love for one another. Zac, Lucia, Danni and Jaxon, their four children stood with their parents in front of their friends and families and you could just tell that they have loads of fun together. Well - as time is ticking by on a Sunday night and I should have made the lunches for tomorrow (yes - being a wedding photographer isn't all glitz and glamour you know) I will get on and let you look at the photos from a fabulous day.....ENJOY!
 Sal - you look amazing and I know that Karl thinks so too -  I heard him refer to you as a super model.

 Lucia and Danni - so pretty and looking ever so grown up.

 Rebecca Cameron has done another fabulous job with this gorgeous bouquet of colour.

 Take a look at that pretty bracelet - a wedding gift for Sal from Karl.

 A very special ceremony of layering coloured stones - each person poured in their layer, signifying the blending of two families. This will look great in their new lounge - with its amazing green wallpaper.

 This swing never fails to get a laugh - it's just a wee bit wobblier that you'd expect it to be.

I had the best time photographing this wedding and catching up with people I haven't seen since high school.....a great day at work I'd have to say.
All the very best of wishes to you all and thanks so much for letting me share in your celebrations.

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