Wednesday, February 26, 2014

A HUGE blog for you today - I just couldn't stop there were too many to choose from!! So pull up a chair and a grab a cuppa and enjoy some prettiness.
I first met Alisha at her best friend Nicole's secret surprise wedding that I was lucky enough to be a part of. Alisha and Jason booked me to be their photographer not long afterwards. When we first chatted about all things wedding like it was almost two years until their wedding and I thought it would take ages to roll around, but what do you know, the months flew by and the wedding was upon us in the blink of an eye. A beautiful day dawned at Grandview Gardens for the wedding of an amazing couple - thanks Jo for putting on another fabulous day. The bride looked absolutely gorgeous and ever so radiant - the girls were in lemon and looked all summery and pretty - the boys opted for shirts and waistcoats, a good choice for a hot day and everything came together perfectly. Jason has been restoring a classic Holden for a very long time and it was finished in time to be a part of their wedding day. Brought back a few memories for me as my Grandad had one very similar.
This day was perfection from start to finish and I enjoyed every minute of it.

 Story time for the flower girls from Aunty Alisha.

 Okay okay - I know.....but I love shoes and they just sit where you put them and don't wiggle around so they are perfect to photograph...

 Alisha and her bestie Nicole ... beautiful girls.
 Love the hearts girls - very appropriate.

 What a great idea - I am curious to know what the "Words of Wisdom" might have been...

                                  THE CAR.......looking flash.

You couldn't tell, but Alisha is sporting a very tiny baby bump and in not too many weeks there's going to be a new addition to their family - I wonder if they'd like to visit for some photos - now wouldn't that be a treat!! All the very best to the two (or three) of you. Your wedding was amazing! xox

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