Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Emma & Dan - Wedding @ Grandview Gardens.

You may have met Emma and Dan in my last blog when we got together for their engagement session. They are such fun to be around and on their wedding day they were even more fun. The wedding was beautifully detailed and styled.....with a fuschia pink theme running throughout. The boys were decked out in very cool pink ties and carried stunning pocket watches and filled in the time waiting for the girls doing tricks with their silver engraved yoyos....pretty cool!! I just wish I was tall enough to do tricks with a almost hits the ground before it bounces back up and can never get enough momentum to keep going. Anyway....the girls were stunning in pink, and Emma had THE most amazingly blinging hot pink shoes....WOW!! I maybe took a few too many photos of these shoes but when you see them you'll see why.
To top it all off, not only was it their wedding day, it was Dan's birthday too. Is this a cunning plan so he will always remember his wedding anniversary? I love listening to the wedding speeches. All the secrets come out and you find out just what they were like as kids...I think Dan may have been a bit of a livewire, his mum certainly had some pretty funny stories to tell. 
Well... Emma and Dan I had a fantastic time with you and I can't wait for you to see your photos. 

Enjoy!! favourite!!

 Charlotte - trying to catch a wee peek of the bride - so cute!

 I love the dreamy style of this shot - Emma looks like a fifties movie star.

 Oooh .... it's those shoes again!


Wishing you both much happiness.

Lisa xox

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