Sunday, February 3, 2013

Megan & Adam - Wedding @ Grandview Gardens

Tonight is officially the last day of the summer holidays and we are back to reality tomorrow....which incidentally is in only twenty six minutes, but I wanted to get this blog up for Megan and Adam tonight, though right now they are probably tucked up in bed and not in the slightest bit interested....but what a lovely surprise for them tomorrow.........

I was super excited to be photographing Megan and Adam's wedding because I've known Megan and her family for a good few years, have watched her grow up and now get to be there on her and Adam's wedding day. I just LOVE my job!! 

 This is Bonnie all dressed up for the BIG day.....shhhhh, she doesn't know that, actually, she has to stay at home. Just quietly, I think, that she thinks it's all about her!

 You can tell by Pete and Steph's expressions that Megan is looking pretty gorgeous... and they are right!
 An emotional father daughter moment.

Megan with her gorgeous mum, Gaylene.

 More special family moments - love, love, love.....

 Speaking of love - this is Adam, the love of Megan's life!

 The VERY talented Kylie Price.....she is amazing.
In our family we have photos of Rob and I and both sets of our parents standing on these very same steps on each of our respective wedding days....pretty cool huh?

 The bridesmaids beautiful flowers by the very talented Rebecca Cameron - much floral gorgeousness.

The speeches had some emotional moments but none more so than when Megan's little sister sang to them - had me shedding a few tears behind my camera - perfection and so special!

 Megan and Adam - I feel so blessed to have been a part of your wedding day. Enjoy your sneak peek, I know you've been dying to see them....
Thank you for such a beautiful, emotional and just plain fabulous wedding.

Lisa xox

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  1. Amazing photographs! I loved each photograph. It seems like you had so much fun on your wedding day. Well, can you give me options to choose among these Denver venues? Any advice would be appreciated.